Where We Are

The Cala d’Ostia Campsite is a perfect starting point for excursions, to beautiful beaches, archaeological sites like the Punic Roman city of Nora, the Spanish towers along the coast, or to the nature reserves of the Sulcis region mountain range located behind the campsite.

Only 6 km away there is the charming, lively town of Pula, where you can find the Post Office, Banks, Chemists and a number of bars and restaurants, entertainment in the town square is an attraction for all those who are looking for a holiday with some fun.


Pula is a tourist town south west of Cagliari, famous for the nearby ruins of Nora the first Phoenician city on the Island.

The town centre is of medieval origins, but between wars, barbaric raids and plagues, the town development came to a halt until the 18th century, then due to agricultural development it began to re-grow, and thanks to tourism over the last few decades Pula has become what it is today.

The town still has a discreet historical centre. In Corso Vittorio Emanuele there is the Patron Museum, an archaeological museum that has on display finds from Nora. In the St. John the Baptist church (19th century) in Giovanni XXIII square you can find marble sarcophaguses one of which holds the remains of a duchess from Cagliari. A short distance away there is the Piazza del Popolo the main town square, a true meeting place for locals and tourists.

On the road for Nora you pass the aristocratic Villa Santa Maria, built in the first half of the 1800s on the ruins of an old church of the same name.

Archaeological Site of Nora

Archaeological lovers can visit the beautiful archaeological site the Punic Roman city of Nora, its 3 hectares of ruins represent one of the most important archaeological sites in Sardinia.

Around here

Following the signs for Nora, just before your reach the archaeological site there is the St. Efisio church (12th century), it is said that it is built on the place where the saint was held prisoner and then tortured to death. At the base of the sanctuary lies the Guventeddu beach.

Nearby there is an environment education centre based at the Laguna of Nora an aquarium which exhibits a series of tanks with the marine species most found in the lagoons ecosystem. Following the coastline past the lagoon there are Punta d’Argumu e Foxi’ e Sali beaches.

A short distance away you come across the notable agricultural/tourist village Santa Margherita di Pula, initially built around the church dedicated to Saint Margherita. The vast wooded area of pine trees was planted after the war simultaneously as a project to undergo agricultural changes, nowadays it is used for touristic purposes. The Cala d’Ostia beach and tourist port is on the coast in front and not far away is the splendid Cala Verde. On the right is the main road for Domus de Maria along which you can find the nuraghe Santa Margherita.

The surrounding countryside inland, north of Pula is part of the largest complex of mountainous woodland in Sardinia that stretches across the Sulcis and Cagliari regions. The mountain forest Pixina Manna is easily reached by an entrance near the Is Molas Golf course. Continuing on for a few kilometres you come to a road that is not accessible by car but you can continue on foot to reach another forest without comparison called Is Cannoneris. It can also be reached by car from the town of Domus de Maria. In Is Cannoneris, it is easy to sight Sardinian deer, which survive in vast numbers. On this mountain peak you can also go on more demanding and spectacular excursions, but it is necessary to ask information from the forest corps who are responsible for the nature reserve. An excursion not too demanding is to Punta Sebera, being 1000 metres above sea level and has a magnificent view of this enormous nature reserve.

The Beaches

There are countless beaches easily reached: Nora, Flamingo, Abamar, Cala Marina being the nearest and only a few kilometres away Chia, Su Giudeu, Cala CipollaTuerredda and Is Arenas Biancas beaches.

How to reach us

The Cala D’Ostia Campsite is 40 Km from Cagliari/Elmas Airport and 36 Km from Cagliari’s Ferry Port with daily ferries to and from major Italian ports.

You can reach the campsite from Cagliari by car taking the SS.195 road for Pula and Santa Margherita, by public transport there is a frequent bus service (A.R.S.T.) to Pula from the main bus terminal close to the ferry port, and from Pula there is a local bus service that stops at the entrance to the Cala D’Ostia Campsite.