Pula is a tourist town south west of Cagliari, famous for the nearby ruins of Nora the first Phoenician city on the Island. The town centre is of medieval origins, but between wars, barbaric raids and plagues, the town development came to a halt until the 18th century, then due to agricultural development it began to re-grow, and thanks to tourism over the last few decades Pula has become what it is today.

The town still has a discreet historical centre. In Corso Vittorio Emanuele there is the Patron Museum, an archaeological museum that has on display finds from Nora. In the St. John the Baptist church (19th century) in Giovanni XXIII square you can find marble sarcophaguses one of which holds the remains of a duchess from Cagliari. A short distance away there is the Piazza del Popolo the main town square, a true meeting place for locals and tourists. On the road for Nora you pass the aristocratic Villa Santa Maria, built in the first half of the 1800s on the ruins of an old church of the same name.

Cala D’Ostia campsite is located amongst this scenery rich in history and traditions, in the south of Sardinia directly facing the sea in 75 sq. metres of pine and eucalyptus trees, only 6 km from Pula and 12 km from the beautiful beaches of Chia. On the Campsite there is a bar/tobacconist, a small supermarket and a pizza restaurant.

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